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Norma Auto Concept (or simply Norma) is a French sports car manufacturer, based in Saint-Pé-de-Bigorre (in the South-West of France), founded by Norbert Santos.

Norbert Santos
Norbert Santos

Created in 1985 as an association with around 20 enthusiasts, Norma designed its first car in 1983 (Norma M1); a car that Norbert Santos then tested himself, specially designed for racetracks and hill climbs.

In 1991, having designed 5 different models and enjoyed its first victories and titles, Norma took to the “professional” skies with the creation of a real trading company.

Set-up in a new workshop of 800m², Norma slowly gained a successful reputation during the 90s across all of Europe, both on the racetrack and in hill climbs, winning several championship titles, notably in France and Belgium. It is also during this period that Norma had its first shot at the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

30 years of experience, Know How
More than 400 cars produced
Over 75 National and International titles

Norma:  Winner of the “25 hours of Thunder Hill 2015”
Norma: Winner of the “25 hours of Thunder Hill 2015”

Since 1999, Norma has been hitting the US road tracks, installing a permanent representative office in Florida and participating in the Rolex Car Series with its Norma M2000 range, including the 24 Hours of Daytona. Today, dozens of Norma cars can be found on the other side of the Atlantic.

The 2000s marked a significant turning point for the development of Norma with the launch of an ambitious CN FIA prototype, the M20; a winning move that today makes the Norma M20 one of the most widely produced prototypes in the world, with more than 400 copies manufactured worldwide.

In the same period, Norma also made the M200, a car that rigorously responded to ACO’s original LMP2 regulations and participated several times in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Norma M200: 24 Hours of Le Mans 2012
Norma M200: 24 Hours of Le Mans 2012
Over 400 Norma M20 worldwide
Over 400 Norma M20 worldwide

Beyond the impressive success enjoyed by its M20 range all over the world with more than 70 national titles (24 of which were acquired in 2014 and 2015 alone!), Norma also took part in the extraordinary Pikes Peak adventure with the official Porsche driver, Romain Dumas, an event Norma won in 2014 and then again more recently in 2016 with its proto M20 RD 4W, a 650 cv, 650 kg four-wheel drive prototype.

Norma has therefore now been around for 30 years, delivering dozens of prototypes each year. Renowned by its peers for the exceptional quality of its cars, Norma has its own 3,600m² factory, allowing the company to roll out an ambitious development program.

Endorsed in March 2016 by l’Automobile Club de l’Ouest for being one of the official manufacturers of the new LMP3 category, Norma then put its new M30 LMP3 onto the track, still seeking to constantly develop its various Norma M20 models.

Victory of the Norma M20 RD 4W: Pikes Peak 2016
Victory of the Norma M20 RD 4W: Pikes Peak 2016

30 years of experience, Know How
More than 400 cars produced
Over 75 National and International titles



Quality production, traced and monitored

At the heart of its factory, Norma’s “Engineering” Department has, at the instigation of its head engineer, Guillem Roux, the essential expertise and the tools necessary for managing the most successful of projects.

Norma has also always worked in close collaboration with suppliers and partners who are extremely loyal and renowned for their strong technical ability.

On this basis, Norma’s Design Office benefits directly and/or indirectly from the simplest to the most complex of computing resources: dynamic simulations, CFD, CAO, wind tunnel testing, allowing Norma to guarantee constantly successful results.

Norma benefits from access to specific internal skills, from sheet metalwork, machining and composites, to electricity and metrology, used in the production of its cars.

The Norma “network” structured in this way guarantees quality products, which are tracked and monitored, providing performance, reliability and efficiency. A specific quality control service is implemented within the company.



3600 m2 and a passionate team focused on performance

Norma has all the skills necessary to respond to the expectations of the most demanding of clients.
The majority of engineering, design, manufacturing, assembly and start-up operations are carried out internally.

Benefitting from a spacious infrastructure of 3,600 m² (previously used for manufacturing fighter aircraft “Mirage” parts), the site is structured as follows:

  • Administrative Zone and Design Office: 700 m²
  • Workshops: 2,300m² split into 4 independent sections:

o  M20 CN prototype assembly and welding
o M30 LMP3 prototype assembly
o Production of composites
o Production of bodies

  • Shop: 400m²
  • Reception and Service: 200m²

With a new production tool that allows for an annual production capacity of more than 50 cars, Norma can already guarantee regular production of its CN prototypes and future LMP3 prototypes, benefitting from the energy and passion of a team of 25 individuals who are 100% geared towards performance and quality.


700 m2 of Design Office
2300 m2 Workshops


Supply & Outsourcing

Responsiveness and quality of service to our customers

Since its creation, Norma has been committed to finding a careful balance between externalising and internationalising its needs, either for engineering purposes, through implementing one-off partnerships with various Design Offices, or for the purposes of constructing specific elements for the Norma range, which can be entrusted with specialised, highly qualified groups.

Although Norma has surrounded itself with stable and loyal technological partners, the company has also always preserved its internal specific expertise, in order to protect inside knowledge specific to Norma and/or to ensure that operating costs are controlled, whilst ensuring that it provides its clients with a rapid response rate and a quality service.


Operational Organisation

More than 400 cars produced and delivered worldwide

Having produced over 400 cars, principally between 2003 and 2015, Norma has steadily continued to develop a unique set of expertise, which today sees the company in a strong authoritative position.

With continuous and lasting sporting successes within several markets (notably Europe and the USA), Norma prototype sales have never resorted to a generic commercial approach.

For Norma, the number of cars the company is able to produce is purely based on performance and the quality of the service provided.


All the same, thirty years of experience and strong relationships have allowed Norma to construct a stable and loyal network:

  • Europe / Moyen Orient / Afrique:

From its head office in St-Pé de Bigorre, Norma provides direct assistance to these key markets and benefits from partnerships with several partner organisations that are based abroad (Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Portugal, Belgium), yet are independent, allowing Norma to provide a “tailor-made” service on the racetrack as often as possible.

  • USA:

Based in Florida since 1990, Norma North America actively represents Norma on the American continent. Last year, more than 25 Norma cars took part in various US championships.

  • Asia:

Within this rapidly developing market, Norma is soon to establish a permanent local team that will be able to provide assistance comparable to that currently set up in Europe and the US.

In addition to these current contacts, Norma has just set up its “Customer Relations” Department. This department will be in charge of providing a direct line of communication with its current and future partners, and will be responsible for ensuring strong relationship dynamics on all continents.

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    Main tasks : assembling of our racing cars
    Experience : general mechanic with experience of minimum 3 years (experience of motor racing is a plus).
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