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Fifteen Norma M30 cars entered for Road To Le Mans

Published on: 8 June 2018 LMP3

The official list of entries for the race Road To Le Mans has been unveiled in recent days with fifteen Norma M30 cars entered in LMP3 category.

During the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the meeting will once again take place on the Circuit des 24 Heures with 50 entries. A round ever higher for teams wanting to shine their cars and crew on the track of the most legendary circuit in the world in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators.
Like the 2017 edition, the meeting will break down into two 55-minute races on June 14th and 16th.

Norma M30 – LMP3 category

N°1 – DKR Engineering (Winslow / Polley)
N°3 – DKR Engineering (Hoogenboom / Petersen)
N°9 – Cool Racing (Kraut / Andrews)
N°16 – M Racing – YMR (Millara / Bihel)
N°19 – Ultimate (Heriau / JB. Lahaye)
N°20 – DB Autosport (Maulini / Foubert)
N°21 – DB Autosport (Wolff / Schatz)
N°25 – Lanan Racing (Benham / Tappy)
N°30 – CD Sport (Pons / Hörr)
N°39 – Graff (E. Trouillet / A. Trouillet)
N°40 – Graff (Chila / Dannielou)
N°60 – CD Sport (Mélin)
N°65 – Graff (Pasian / Delafosse)
N°72 – TFT (M. Robin / A. Robin)
N°73 – TFT (Weil / Michel)

Yann Belhomme, Director of Norma Automotive: “I am delighted to see fifteen M30 prototypes entered for this race. This shows the work done in a few months. One year ago there were only three for Road To Le Mans. I thank the teams who trust us. They will enjoy, the car is really amazing! And I want to congratulate my teams who are doing a great job. Gilles Duqueine and I will be there to follow the performances closely.”

Thibaut Mourgues, Technical support of Norma Automotive:As technical support of the brand, we will provide the teams all the necessary support for the operation of our prototypes. We give all our experience. We are always present on the circuits with the Norma technical truck to provide the different parts required by the teams.”

Click HERE to discover the complete list of entries.

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